I. Define the terms I. Nutrients ii. Balanced diet iii. Deficiency diseases iv. Obesity

.2. Answers the following. I.


 I. Define the terms I. Nutrients ii. Balanced diet iii. Deficiency diseases iv. Obesity

.2. Answers the following. I. What are carbohydrates?

 ii. What are fats? Name some fat containing substances?

 iii. What are vitamins? Write various kinds of vitamins?

 Chapter-3. I Define the terms’ Soil erosion ii. soil conservation. Afforataion.iv. Terrace farming.

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    1. Nutrients – Essential components of food.

    Balanced diet – The diet which consists of all important nutrients

    Deficiency disease – The disease which is caused due to deficiency of nutrients.

    Obesity – the fat comes to the body due to over eating and avoiding balanced diet.



    1. Nutrients are the compounds in food that provide us with energy that facilitates repair and growth and helps to carry out different life processes.
    2. A diet, which comprises adequate amounts of necessary nutrients required for a healthy growth and development of our body is called a balanced diet.
    3. Diseases that occur due to lack of nutrients over a long period are called deficiency diseases or nutritional disease.
    4. A disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems is called obesity.
    5. Carbohydrates are the vital source of nutrients which provide energy for our body. Glucose/blood sugar produced by converting the carbohydrates is utilized as a source of energy for the cells, tissues, tissues organs.
    6. The body uses fat as a fuel source, and fat is the major storage form of energy in the body. Oil and butter are fat containing substances.
    7. Vitamins are essential nutrients which enable your body to work properly and to stay healthy.Vitamin A.

    Vitamin C.

    Vitamin D.

    Vitamin E.

    Vitamin K.

    Vitamin B1

    1. Soil erosion is the natural process in which the topsoil of a field is carried away by physical sources such as wind and water.
    2. The prevention or reduction of soil erosion and soil depletion by protective measures is called soil conservation.
    3. Afforestation is the process of planting large numbers of trees on land which has few or no trees on it.
    4. Terrace farming is a method of farming whereby “steps” known as terraces are built onto the slopes of hills and mountains to be used for crop cultivation.

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