7 Tips for Helping Your Child with Math at Home

Regular and systematic math worksheets can now be found in almost every school across the country. However, these do not really help children understand the concepts behind mathematics. Math problems can become a source of anxiety for many kids as they tend to get stuck on each problem. The result is that most parents must purchase books intended for college students or employees that are complicated to understand.

Math can be a difficult subject area for many kids to grasp. While some children may understand math concepts more intuitively, it may not be easy for others. This is where your role as a parent comes in. There are several ways parents can help their little ones practice and improve their math skills in order to succeed in this subject area. Read on for some helpful strategies to help you teach your kids about mathematics.

Math books aren’t the only resource for parents looking to teach their kids math, however. The internet is also a valuable tool in this task. There are many web sites devoted to teaching simple strategies through articles, worksheets, and other fun activities for children of all ages. Here are some of these web sites:

Learning and Teaching Math

This site is designed to help parents teach their children math through fun, illustrated activities. Elementary students will enjoy the addition and subtraction of integers, while older kids will be able to explore more interesting topics such as geometric proofs and logic puzzles. Parents can also find tips on effective teaching strategies and book recommendations.


This site is maintained by the Math Forum, which is a comprehensive web resource for math teachers. Parents can find information on how to teach different concepts of mathematics as well as tips on effective teaching strategies and problems to use if their children are stuck on specific topics. The Math Forum also provides worksheets, activities, and other helpful tools for parents to use.


This site provides worksheets containing simplified arithmetic problems that are organized by grade level. Parents can download the PDF files of these worksheets so they can print them out to be used at home or in class. They are geared toward younger children although older students will also find the worksheets useful.


This site provides parenting articles focused on teaching mathematics to children. Parents who are unsure about how they can help their kids with math concepts and problem solving can find advice and tips in these various articles. The website also contains blogs and forums where parents and teachers can connect with each other to share ideas and learn from one another’s experiences.

Math Blaster!

Kids of all ages will enjoy this award-winning online arcade game, which is designed to develop math skills. Players must answer multiple choice questions correctly within a certain period of time in order to advance through the different levels of difficulty. This site is great for young students because it offers instant feedback so they know when they get an answer wrong.

Math Games

This is a great web site for parents who are looking for fun games to play with their kids. Parents can download different math-related online games that are not available anywhere else. These games are designed to supplement the concepts learned in class, making the learning process more enjoyable for kids. The website also offers free printable worksheets and activities on various mathematics topics, which are ideal for students stuck on specific problems or just wanting some extra practice at home.


This award-winning game is perfect for older students because of its difficulty level and engaging features. Players must shoot down UFOs while answering multiple choice questions correctly in order to get advanced that will help them destroy bigger targets. As they rank up, players can also unlock bonus levels so they can further challenge themselves. This game is great for visual and auditory learners because the game draws on both of these senses in order to test players’ knowledge.

Math & More

This web site offers free online math games that are designed to supplement children’s school curriculum. The games are categorized according to grade level, making it easy for parents or teachers to filter out sites that may be too difficult for their kids or students. Parents will also appreciate the detailed descriptions provided for each game as well as links at the bottom of each page directing them to even more learning resources related to different math topics.

The Math Less Traveled

College students who need extra help studying math can find useful information and tips on this site. The website provides free math lesson videos and study guides for students studying various arithmetic and algebra topics, such as pre-algebra, geometry, and basic arithmetic. These materials are ideal for high schoolers who need some additional review or practice with concepts before taking a standardized test like the PSAT or SAT.

Khan Academy

Sal Khan’s YouTube channel is a one-stop shop for parents looking to teach their kids at home. Parents can browse through countless video tutorials covering different mathematics topics as well as test prep guidance to help their children prepare for exams like the ACT and SAT. This website also has an “Everyone” section that features simplified videos suitable for elementary level students and beyond.

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