365 Reasons Why I Love You—Ideas for a Sentimental Note To Share Every Day of the Year

This is one gift that’s filled with plenty of romance.

Romantic gestures are important when dating or in marriage—they let the other person know you care. One way to share your feelings is by putting together a list of “365 reasons why I love you.

You can write a new reason each day and present it to your significant other the same day, or gift a box or booklet of 365 reasons why you love him or her on a special occasion (like New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or his or her birthday). You can have them look through it either all at once, or have them read only one reason each day of the year (talk about the gift that keeps on giving!).

My list is for the most special person in my life: my husband. My family and children are so fantastically wonderful, but I loved him first, I loved him longest, and will continue to love him until the day after forever. So here are my 365 reasons why I love my husband of 22 years, and my best friend for 27.

Some of these are why there is still a spark after so long, and others are just the reason for the longevity. Feel free to use them for yourself. The greatest gift of writing these for my husband would be to inspire others to show their appreciation of their own partners and to better notice all of the little things that add up to mean really big things.

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365 Reasons Why I Love You

Reason why I love you, you are my sunshine

1. “You are my sunshine! My only sunshine…” You absolutely make me happy, even when the skies are gray.

2. Best friends forever. And ever and ever, you are stuck with me, forever.

3. The Yin to my Yang. There is a perfect push and pull to our relationship that allows growth and expansion but keeps us attuned to each other.

4. You complete me. A corny line from a movie? Maybe. But this statement holds true in all aspects of my life, our life together. I would be incomplete without you.

5. I can fart in front of you. Heck, you would probably take one for the team if I farted in public and could potentially embarrass myself.

6. Your dedication. You will still fix things around the house, even after a long day at work. I am not sure how many times I need things done around the house, or I spring a last-minute project on you like buying a microwave from the Goodwill (without all of the hardware) because it was newer and shinier than the one we have, and I am not asking you to hang it right now (but if you insist on hanging it right now, that would be great) and it is now hung in my kitchen and looks wonderful. And now I can think of you whenever I am heating up dinner.

7. You never complain when I ruin dinner. I am not sure how many dinners I have ruined in 27 years (I am sure I could only count on one hand) but you have never pushed it away or complained about it.

8. You never complain when I forget to pack half of your lunch and you starve the rest of the day. There are many early mornings in those 27 years that I have (for most of those) made your lunch. And there may be times when I forget to pack items like drinks or food. And you never complain about being hungry all day, nor do you make me feel bad about it when I figure out while cleaning out your lunch box at night that I hadn’t put enough stuff in the box.

9. You just get another Chapstick out after finding yours has been laundered. There is always that chance you could still use it, but since you have never made it to the bottom of a Chapstick yet, why start now?

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Reason why i love you, you work hard

10. You work hard for us. Day in and day out, you go to work to provide for our family.
11. You grill meat, so I don’t have to cook. That is what I tell myself anyway. In reality, you just really love cooking meat. 
12. I can control the remote. We watch football and college basketball, all of the time. And even when I fall asleep most nights while watching, it is still on when I wake up.
13. Chivalry is not outdated. You always open doors for me. Nothing makes me feel more special than when you open a car door for me. Some call it old-fashioned, but I don’t care. It makes me feel awesome.
14. Chivalry passed on. You have taught our boys to open doors for me, and for others. And the specialness will continue with their wives too.

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one on 365 reasons I love you, your personality

15. Your personality. Funny and sweet, just the way I love you.

16. I still get goosebumps. Even after all of these years, you can still flash that cheeky little dimple my way, and I still get goosebumps.

17. You are always there for me. I am never alone, in good times and bad times.

18. Your kindness is refreshing. You will put others before your own needs, and I love you for that.

19. You changed diapers. At all hours of the night, you would get up and take care of the babies. (All I had to do was actually ask.)

20. You call me out on my BS. In times when I forget to be nice, you call me out.

21. You are unbelievably patient. I am not an easy person to be with, but somehow you never make me feel like I am anything but wonderful. You have the patience of a saint.

reason why i love you, you love me back to beautiful

22. You love me back to beautiful. Even when I feel ugly, or I am being ugly, you love me back to beautiful.
23. Your sense of humor is one of your major character attributes. We laugh at all of the same crazy stuff, sometimes until we have tears.
24. You rub my feet. Because you know I won’t ask, you will just rub my feet. Gosh, does that feel good.
25. Trust. I trust you. You trust me. Even if it meant selling a beautiful home on a whim and moving to a new town and county, away from family, so we could live out our “dream” early. And boy, did it work out!
26. Family is everything. Our little family unit means everything to you, and I am pretty sure you would do anything to keep us safe.
27. I get to pick the place to eat, always, as long as there is beer there.
28. I am proud to be your wife. You hold yourself to a very high standard, and people respect you. I am proud to be by your side.

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29. You have an easygoing personality. When I get my crazy ideas, you never hamper them. Instead, you let me run with them.
30. You never call me by my name. (Unless you are REALLY mad, of course.) I have been “Mama,” before I was a mama. And on the occasions you are too lazy to get up to do something, in your sweetest, smoothest voice, I am “honey, sweety, love of my life.” (Yes, it works every time.)
31. You give the best hugs. When I am down, bearhug. When I am happy, bearhug. When I didn’t know I needed it, bearhug. I am swallowed up in your giant arms, and instantly loved.
32. I love the way you look at me. Still to this day, you look at me the same way you did when we first started out.
33. You still think I am sexy. Even after two kids and countless medical procedures, and all different body fluctuations, in my 40s you still think I am sexy.
34. You will drive me to get the grocery pick-up, even on your day off. At times you take an unexpected day off, and I have groceries ordered for that same day. You will get up early with me and drive me, even if you could have slept in.
35. You wish me a great day, every day, on your way out the door to work. You know how to get my day started right—with a kiss, I love you and have a nice day.
36. I can put my cold feet on you, at any time. Yep, you always welcome my cold feet.

one out of 365 reasons i love you, know what you are thinking

37. I love that I can look at you and know what you are thinking. It comes in handy when we are silently judging people in public.
38. When we snuggle everything is alright in the world. Even when we are mad at each other. But somehow, by morning, most of the anger has melted away through those snuggles.
39. The way you kiss my forehead melts my heart. I lucked out that you were a perfect 6” taller than me, so you can kiss my forehead in a romantic, movie-like fashion.
40. We jam to the same jams when working together on projects. Couples who jam together, stay together.
41. You build me fires! Every night in the summer, and when the weather permits in the fall, you ask me, “Do you want a fire tonight, Mama?” (The answer is always yes.)
42. You pull meat off the bone for me. Second only to cleaning toilets, is picking meat off the bone. And you do this brilliantly, without complaint.
43. You will watch The Walking Dead in a different room, so I don’t have to hear or see it. And also so I can keep my comfy seat on the couch.
44. You celebrate my accomplishments. You are proud of me and tell me so.

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45. Never once, NEVER, have you ever pushed me to work, or bring in any type of income. You’ve allowed me to live happily as a stay-at-home mom.
46. You never complain when I spend money. I can buy some pretty silly things, and you never tell me I am silly for buying them.
47. What is ours is ours—not mine, not yours, just ours together.
48. You always help me. Even if you have better things to do. If I ask, you stop what you are doing to help me.
49. You believe in me. You are always there believing in me.

Why I love you, your voice brightens my day

50. Hearing your voice brightens my day. Unless it is super early on a Saturday, then I just need a few hours before hearing it.
51. You are a fantastic problem solver. Whenever I have problems, you have viable solutions.
52. You are thoughtful. Not overly romantic, but extremely thoughtful. Little things like making the bed for me before you leave for work is much more meaningful than most romantic gestures.
53. You used to buy feminine products when I needed them. No crap given. If I asked, you bought, and you never hesitated to care what others thought.
54. You always call me on your way home from work. Life is busy in the evenings, and you always call me on your way home to make sure we get at least 30 minutes of talk time each day.
55. You call me first thing in the morning, just to say, “I love you.” Man does that make me feel happy all day long.
56. You love me unconditionally.
57. I love how safe I feel with you.
58. I love that you didn’t hesitate when I asked if my mom could live with us. And now you call her “mom” too.
59. I love how you kiss me. Sparks still fly, and my tummy flips every time you give me a good long kiss.

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60. You always say, “Hello, pretty lady.” You do this on our afternoon calls or even if you are leaving me a message.
61. You are an amazing father.
62. You know how to have fun.
63. I love fishing with you.
64. You implemented the “no killing Mom” rule when we play Call of Duty with the boys. (And you will stay in one spot to make it easier for me to shoot you!)
65. Farting at the dinner table will earn you five push-ups too, not just the boys.

Reason why I love you, we talk through big decisions together

66. We talk through big decisions together. We are a team, always have been, always will be.
67. You share funny videos with me. (Because who doesn’t like a cute puppy video?!)
68. You always drive us everywhere when we are together. Which is fantastic because I drive this crazy bunch around all week, so it is nice to be driven around for a change.
69. You take me out to see Christmas lights. Not your favorite thing to do, but you drive us around so I can enjoy the lights.
70. You can make amazing things.
71. You look pretty sexy using a chainsaw.
72. You give advice without being pushy.
73. You make sure that I am appreciated every day.
74. You never give up on us. It has not always been sunshine and roses, but we are still here, together.
75. You make me laugh.
76. We don’t have to talk. We can be perfectly content in each other’s company, no conversation needed.
77. I am so blessed you are my husband.
78. You make a great pillow. For those times I just can’t stay awake during the movie, you make a fantastic pillow.
79. I can always count on you. When life throws us lemons, we make lemonade.
80. I can always be myself around you. You love me as I am.

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81. You are an amazing listener. When I am happy, sad or mad, you hear it all.
82. I love how we can talk all night long. Or at least until 9 p.m., when I go to bed.
83. You can always make my bad day better.
84. I love holding your hand while watching scary movies.
85. I love smiling when you randomly pop into my mind throughout the day.
86. You keep your promises. If you say you’re going to do something, you will keep your promise.
87. You love me. I love you. It can really be that simple.
88. You are my rock. When times get tough, I can count on you to hold me up.
89. I love that you can “talk me down.” I am easily agitated, and you can always talk me down to a calmer level of thinking.
90. You make my dreams come true. We are living the dream, together.
91. We laugh at the same silly parts in the movie. A good laugh can cure just about anything in life.
92. You will wear any cologne that I say makes you smell good. I am not even sure if you like any of them for yourself, you just put on what I buy, knowing that I like it.
93. I love that you never hesitate to help with dinner. Chopping onions, or cooking ground burgers, you are up for any kitchen tasks if I ask.
94. You have an unwavering compassion for animals. You will do the hard things for our pets, so I don’t have to.
95. Making me happy is your top priority.
96. You have become a big softy over the years, and I love you all the more for it.

Reason why I love you, our future together is strong

97. Our future together is strong. Because you are willing to do the hard work necessary to keep it going.
98. You never make family decisions alone. We are always a team, always. The little and big things get talked through.
99. You are not afraid to make big changes, if they are what is best for our family. Leaving an employer after nine years to start over could be scary, but it was what was best for our family, so you did it.
100. I love that you ask me about my passions.
101. You are my soulmate.
102. You are very passionate about life.
103. You have a simple style, and you do not put on airs for anybody.
104. You are inclusive to all, and make sure no one is left out of a conversation.
105. You love teaching. If you know how to do it, you love teaching others how to do it.
106. You sharpen all of my kitchen knives. I don’t even have to ask, you just go around to all of my knives and test them, sharpening any that need it.
107. You will only complain minimally when having to stop 15 times for me to pee on our three-hour trip up north.
108. You will also not point out that the 42 oz. soda that I bought at one of the stops is the reason we have to stop 15 times on our trip.
109. You have a handle on my feelings, even when I am unsure of myself.
110. You are always thinking of me, and my needs.
111. You never give up on us.
112. You sacrifice, so we don’t have to. Even if that meant traveling for five years and missing all of your kids’ milestones, so I could stay home with them.
113. We are the best of friends.
114. You never hesitate to learn something new.
115. The way your hands comfort me during stressful or sad times.
116. In any situation, you always have the right thing to say to me.
117. You are proud of your reputation.
118. You always do the right thing.
119. You never forget to ask me how my day was.
120. The way you hold me when I ugly cry.
121. You hold your family at the center of your universe.

one out of 365 reasons why I love you, love how you brag about me

122. I love how you “brag” about me to friends and family.
123. You know what I need, even when I am in no position to express those needs.
124. You have taught our children to respect me at all times.
125. Whether it is fishing or hunting, you have provided many meals for our family.
126. I get a neck rub while cooking dinner, just because.
127. You are one to forgive quickly and move on without a grudge.
128. Your parenting is consistent and firm, but always with love.
129. You live the motto, “Happy wife, happy life.”
130. You make my morning coffee on the weekends. Even if you have been up for hours, you will get up and make my coffee while I am getting dressed in the morning.
131. No matter where we have lived, you always take the spot in the bed closest to the door, in case of intruders.
132. You do not hesitate to point out flowers that have just bloomed in our flower beds, in case I haven’t seen them yet.
133. You will “stop and smell the roses” with me, whenever I ask.
134. We can talk about anything, and sometimes about everything and everyone.
135. You love a simple life. Family, good food and beer is all you need.
136. You would rather make me a fancy dinner than take me out for one. I love you all of the more for it because the effort you have to put into that meal is far more than driving me to one.

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137. You give the cats tiny pieces of meat while you cut it up for storage. They beg, you listen.
138. You check in with the boys regularly on their schooling to make sure they are on track.
139. You make breakfast every day on the weekend. Scrambled eggs, egg sandwiches, eggs & toast. It is a welcomed treat from the weekly cereal days.
140. You make our meat to order. There are five of us and you cook our meat to each of our likings.
141. I love that you know how and when to relax. Over the years you realize the importance of taking a little relaxer every now and then.
142. You are always up for a little “fun.” There have only been a few times in our 27 years that you have ever turned me down, even though I can’t say the same for myself.
143. Your laugh is contagious.
144. You handle pressure situations with ease.
145. Just because I asked you to… trimming trees, up in a bucket 45 feet in the air, and you still take the time to cut down the Oriole nest from one of the branches, just because I asked you to.
146. When I am struggling, you know just the right time to throw me a compliment.
147. When we used to be able to go hunting, you would walk me to my stand, and pick me up at my stand to walk me in.
148. You ignore the fact that I am always pressing the extra brake on my side of the car while you are driving.
149. You love babies. You aren’t afraid of them and are ever so sexier when holding one.
150. Your playfulness reminds me of when we were younger and keeps the spark alive.
151. You can be gentle with my feelings. Sweet and considerate when you know you need to be.

Funny reason why I love you

152. You will turn your Wi-Fi off when I am trying to watch a game. Our internet sucks, but you make it slightly better by making your stuff move slower, so mine won’t glitch out.
153. You always accompany me to events that neither of us wants to be at. Sometimes obligations take us places neither of us wants to be, but we go together.
154. You may not take me to yard sales, but you will go back to help me load items that are too big for me to handle.
155. Your dance moves could use some help, yet you will still dance. And it makes me so happy.
156. Nothing embarrasses you. You come through awkward situations unphased.
157. Your kindness towards others is unmatched. You make me a better person toward others.
158. You show little tidbits of PDA in public. Just enough to show everyone I am yours, but not enough to be inappropriate.
159. You were the best jungle gym for our kids. They could crawl on you, and you would toss them into the air, and they loved it. And I loved watching it.
160. You will not poop before I need to take a shower, but I can poop before you take one.
161. Some of our best conversations have been while you are going #2. Sometimes we just need to talk, and it doesn’t matter where we are, we can always talk to each other. Even if I have to hold my breath.
162. You take care of me when I am sick. Whatever I need, you get it for me.
163. I love the way you tilt your head down and snuggle my head into your neck when we hug.
164. When we choose to buy gifts for birthdays or anniversaries, you find ones that are perfect for me.
165. You build my confidence back up after a bad haircut. You can always find something nice to say about my hair, even if I can’t.
166. If we are out and about and I need gas soon, you will always stop and fill my car up for me.
167. If I have forgotten to grab something (even if I have just sat down) you will grab it for me.
168. You have an optimism for life that is unrivaled.
169. Your never-ending encouragement to follow my dreams.
170. I cherish the special moments we share together.
171. You always face your fears head-on.

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172. We share a lot of the same interests.
173. You absolutely respect my opinions, even when you don’t agree with them.
174. Through it all, you have stuck by my side.
175. You work hard and play harder.
176. No matter what mood I am in, you take me as I am.
177. We have so much fun together!
178. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
179. I (and our relationship) come first, even before kids.
180. You still take me on dates. Quality time together is important to keep us going strong.
181. I love watching people follow you. You are a natural leader.
182. You are just plain likable and make entering a room of people we don’t know easier.
183. You take note of all the little things that make me happy.
184. You are a faithful partner, and I have NEVER once questioned your loyalty to me.
185. You are a beautiful person, inside and out!
186. We can just sit quietly together and be content.
187. You always take my hand to lead me through large crowds.
188. Our embarrassing moments are hilarious.
189. You have an amazing smile.
190. You have realistic expectations.
191. You could have let a bad childhood negatively affect your adulthood, but you chose to break the cycle.
192. I love your big heart and gentle soul.
193. You can perfectly interpret and “look” I give you from across the room.
194. You know that when I say it is time to leave, it really means that we will be saying goodbyes for at least another hour.
195. I love that you research everything you do not have a good understanding of.
196. You love my crazy family.
197. You encouraged me to meet my birth family in person.
198. I love you more with each day that passes.
199. When many couples grow apart, we still grow closer together as a team.
200. You value my ideas.

Sweet reason why I love you, you never compare me to other people

201. You never compare me to other people. You let me be me.
202. You are a selfless person.
203. You are not afraid to cry in front of me.
204. You will fart on me to make me laugh. (Let’s face it, farts are funny!)
205. You are kind to everyone you meet.
206. For putting up with all of my drama.
207. Because you are tall, you will hang things or grab things for me, so I don’t have to get a step stool out.
208. You will have dart gun fights with the boys.
209. You are a fantastic Euchre partner. You only silently shake your head in misery when I call a hand on one trick. (And win it, of course!)
210. Our friendship is strong. And as our looks and bodies fade, our friendship grows stronger and more beautiful.
211. You still brag about being with an older woman! (I am only one year older!)
212. You are the first person I can count on when I am upset.
213. I cannot imagine a day without you by my side.
214. We complement each other perfectly.
215. If you don’t know how to do something, you learn.
216. You are the strongest person I know.
217. Each new day is a new adventure I choose to keep doing with you.
218. You always remember our anniversary day!
219. When you belly laugh, I can’t help but laugh too.
220. Arguments never get out of hand, and we know when to take a breath and apologize.
221. You can admit when you are wrong.
222. You can admit when I am right.
223. Even when I am being a hothead, you can keep your cool. Which usually leads me to calm down more quickly.
224. You are generous and would give the shirt off your back to anyone who needed it.
225. You always back up my parenting decisions. And you never question me in front of the kids.
226. Even though you know that I can handle myself, you do not allow our boys to show even the slightest disrespect to me. And their future wives will thank you for it.
227. You are not afraid to show your strength and weakness to your kids.
228. I love how you brush tears off of my face.
229. You will not hesitate to fix my hair and keep me looking my best.
230. You will tell me if I have a booger hanging out of my nose, or food on my face or in my teeth.
231. You are not all that spontaneous, but you go along with me when I am spontaneous.
232. You love to play catch and cornhole as a family.
233. You are a hard-working tradesman.
234. You lend money to those in need, even knowing we will never get it back, and you don’t hold it over them.
235. You make a huge mess while cooking, but you clean all of the dishes you dirty.
236. The first thing you do is kiss me when you get home from work. Every day!
237. When the boys were babies, you would let me go to bed after dinner, and then stay up until midnight to feed the baby one more time, so I could get some actual sleep.

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238. You enjoy a good debate and don’t mind hearing other people’s points of view.
239. You are really the best husband anyone could ask for.
240. I love how our relationship has grown over these years.
241. I love you more than I could ever put into words.
242. You are my biggest fan.
243. You’re not perfect, but you’re perfect for me. Cheesy, but true.
244. You dig into my problems, projects and difficulties, even when I am too proud to ask. Yes, you are willing to suffer a barrage of attitudes from me because I am too proud to ask for help.
245. Because you check in on “us” frequently. Life gets busy, but you know the importance of asking, “How are we doing?”
246. There is not much that you can’t fix in our home when it breaks.
247. You let me nap. I love naps. I take naps often, and you make sure it is quiet for me whenever I do take one.
248. You know the right thing to say when my insecurities take hold.
249. You allowed me to grieve at my own pace. When my dad passed, you made calls that I couldn’t, and let me cry when I needed to.

why I love you, you take pride in craftsmanship

250. You take pride in craftsmanship. No matter if you are at work or at home, you take pride in the things that you build.
251. You always think of the perfect presents. Most of the time we buy what we want, when we want and do not concentrate on gift-giving. But when we do buy gifts, they perfectly fit my needs.
252. I still learn new things about you. Even after 27 years.
253. Your ingenuity when it comes to problem-solving is a marvel to me.
254. You are always the sensible voice of reason.
255. You are my guiding light when times get tough.
256. There are so many songs that remind me of you.
257. I can tell you absolutely anything, without judgment. (Even if I am being judgy!)
258. You will bake my cakes on the Traeger, so I don’t have to heat up the house in the summer.
259. You will peel just about anything for me if it involves making a pie out of it.
260. You can quote all of the silly movie lines and insert them into our life at the perfect moment.
261. Even when you are sick, you still will fix things that need to be fixed. (Like a broken toilet seat—and you even cleaned the toilet while you did it—you’re the best!)
262. Look what we made together! Two fantastic boys, who are going to be fantastic men someday!
263. You laugh at my jokes(Even when they are questionably funny.)
264. I love how many details of our life you still remember. It is fun to go down memory lane on occasion.
265. You are not afraid to say you’re sorry first to end a fight.
266. You will hit the snooze several times just to get morning “cuddles.”
267. We share a passion for a quiet, laid-back life.
268. You will show me your questionable dance moves if you know it will make me laugh.
269. You always ask how my friends are doing.
270. I love that you never make fun of me for crying at sappy movies.
271. When your mind is troubled, you listen to instrumental music.
272. You like to be goofy.
273. In 27 years, I have never known boredom with you.
274. You let me get “the fancy” SUV. You are not a fan of all the gadgets on cars that can go wonky, like heated seats and heated steering wheels, but you let me get it anyway.
275. You understand the value of not spoiling our kids and teaching them to work hard for the things they want.
276. You encourage me to try new things.
277. You always spice things up in the bedroom. (I am beyond spoiled in this area.)
278. You have never lied to me or sugar-coated anything.
279. I am weird, and you love me for it.
280. You ask me for my thoughts and advice.
281. You will defend me and my honor.

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282. You refuse to be petty. (And you refuse to let me be petty too!)
283. We still set goals as a couple and talk about our future often.
284. You comfort me with your hands, when words aren’t enough.
285. We have fun code words when we want to be frisky.
286. I love that it seems like these 27 years have only been a minute.
287. You send spontaneous texts telling me you love me.
288. You always tell me you love me “more.”
289. I have a deep sense of pride when watching you talk with people from the other side of a room.
290. Everything is more enjoyable when we are doing it together.
291. We can finish each other’s sentences.
292. You know how to turn me on.
293. I love that you want to “save water” when you jump in the shower with me.
294. You will grab a pizza for us on your way home.
295. You encourage me to do things for myself.
296. You have seen me at my best and worst, and you are still with me.
297. I never get tired of being with you.
298. You always carry heavy bags for me, even if it is my purse.
299. You respect my boundaries.
300. You are my happily ever after.
301. You bought me my own new tools so I could do projects on my own. This is not counting the new, fancy stud finder that you bought me, and then kept for yourself.
302. I love that you respect how hard I work to keep the house clean and will tidy up after yourself.
303. You will pose for pictures and stay in the pose until I am done taking 15 pics of the same pose.
304. You let me sing, no matter how terrible I am.
305. You will let our niece paint your fingernails.
306. You let me “fluff” your clothes to get the wrinkles out, even though you could care less.
307. You carry out the garbage so I don’t have to.
308. You love all of me, even the not-so-good parts.
309. Giving up your chair to make sure another person is comfortable is the right thing to do.

one of 365 reasons why I love you, marriage is a commitment

310. Marriage is a commitment that you intend on keeping. As the world turns and more and more people divorce, you assure me that you are in this for the long haul.
311. When we are good, life is good. When we are bad, you remind me that life is still good.
312. We work together to be healthy. Because moving and eating healthier are both important for a long healthy life together.
313. We will take walks together and as a family. It is a quiet time of reflection to spend together out in nature.
314. You never question what I do as a homeschooling parent, or as a stay-at-home mom. The house is clean, food is on the table and the kids are thriving, what is there to question?!
315. I am in charge of the finances and household. You work hard to make the money and trust me completely to take care of the bills.
316. You ask permission to spend money. Every now and then big purchases come up, and you always ask me first before making one.
317. You will listen for hours when I am on a negative nelly complaint roll. Then still come back with something positive to say.
318. You will always give me your jacket, even if I am wearing my own and am still cold.
319. I am your favorite person in the world, and it is no surprise that you are mine too.
320. Even when you are snoring, you are still the most handsome person I know.
321. You will grab my hand if it is slippery where I am walking and walk me to the car or inside of the building safely.
322. Because we still get giddy over cookies and milk.
323. You will ask me to make you cookies or brownies as a treat.
324. You will come up behind me while I am cooking with a hug and a kiss and “I love you.”
325. You love me just the way I am, and never try to change me.
326. You would always help me with any chore if I just asked, but it is really sexy when you jump in to help without me asking.
327. You treat me like a queen.
328. We love laughing at dad jokes together.

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329. You will keep your hair trimmed the way I like it.
330. Every kiss is still like our first kiss.
331. You can always help me see the “big picture” in situations.
332. After surgery, you do everything in your power to make me comfortable. I can tell you would take on my pain for me if you could.
333. You picked me!
334. You don’t play “games” with people, just card games with your family.
335. You are not afraid to be vulnerable with me.
336. There is no one else that I would rather grow old with.
337. When I snort when I laugh, you laugh harder at me, which makes me snort harder, which makes you laugh harder…and so it goes.
338. When I feel overwhelmed, you have the ability to ground me.
339. I love the way your eyes crinkle when you smile.
340. Oh, I get all tingly when you wink at me.
341. We are independent, yet inseparable.
342. We have been physically separated many times over our marriage, but not emotionally separated.
343. I don’t sleep well unless we are in bed together.
344. You always give me the first bite of the cheesecake, which is deemed the “best bite.”
345. I fell in love with you at first sight. It just took you longer to figure it out.
346. When life gets too serious, you remind me to be playful.
347. I cherish every moment we spend together.
348. I swear there are times when I lay on you, I can hear your heartbeat in sync with mine.
349. Good, bad or indifferent, we have learned many life lessons together.

funny reason why I love you, same sense of humor

350. We share the same warped sense of humor.
351. I am at peace when I am with you.
352. We have an unbreakable bond.
353. If we are still in bed in the morning, you cover your mouth with the sheets while talking to me. Because we all know morning breath is a real thing. Unlike in the movies, you will not kiss me long and hard, until you have brushed your teeth. Who says chivalry is dead!?
354. You are humble, and willing to be humbled.
355. You bring out the best in me every day. I can’t imagine not spending the rest of my life with you.
356. You are the complete package. Smart, funny, generous and good-looking.
357. You give me the space I need, when I need it most.
358. You are always up for trying something new.
359. We will trade half of our sandwiches if I can’t make up my mind. And you will always trade back if I don’t like yours.
360. You take over dinner when I have to work. For some reason I insist on working, even though you don’t insist that I should work, and when that work interferes with our family life, you take over and let me shine.
361. You always give me and my mom the “sweet spot” of the steaks you cook.
362. You never keep secrets from me. You are an open book, just like our relationship.
363. You encourage me to get out and relax and unwind with friends.
364. You are not overly romantic, but you make sure I know I am loved, cherished and appreciated every day.
365. What’s not to love?!

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