You went to visit a glass factory with your friends.
You were shocked to see children working in the
dark and very hot r


You went to visit a glass factory with your friends.
You were shocked to see children working in the
dark and very hot rooms. You are pained to see
that instead of going to school, they are working
as child labourers. Write a letter to the editor of a
newspaper about child labourers, suggesting how
they should be sent to schools instead of
factories. You are Surbhi / Saurabh.​

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    here it is,


    Greenfield-15 A


    January 29, 2020

    The Editor

    The Hindu

    New Delhi

    Subject:  Unrelenting Problem of Child Labour in India

    Dear Sir:

    I am writing to your good-self to express my deep anguish over the unrelenting problem of child labour in our country. I feel a little attention of yours towards the problem will be enough to initiate new campaign in eradicating the problem.  

    I recently visited a glass factory along with my friends and was shocked at what I saw there! Most of the work force there consisted of children. At this age they should be at schools, learning knowledge to make a bright career for themselves. The working conditions were pathetic.  

    The problem of child labour is quite widespread across India. In spite of the many ani-child labour laws, the problem continues to spoil the lives of thousands of children. The adverse effects of this problem affect the growth, development, and progress of our nation.  

    Not only millions of underage children are forced to work in factories, shops, glass-blowing industry, workshops, etc, they are paid the minimum of wages. According to Census data, there are over 82 lakh child labourers (aged between 5 – 14 years) in India. Our country needs more and more skilled manpower to achieve the objectives of growth, development and advancement. With so many millions of children working menial jobs, without education, how can India achieve her goals?

    Through the medium of your esteemed daily I appeal to the Government to take some proactive and stringent measures to stop this problem of child labour and must ensure education for them. Undoubtedly there are many laws against child labour, however their poor implementation is responsible for the continuation of the problem.  

    Thanking you.

    Yours truly,


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