While quarantine and social distancing is difficult, it’s made us value our relationships. At the same time the



While quarantine and social distancing is difficult, it’s made us value our relationships. At the same time the

Pandemic has also made us aware about the need to utilize our time constructively and reevaluate our life

goals. During these trying times many of us, in our own small ways, have become reconnected with something

that was increasingly lost in the hectic fast paced modern life. Whilemaking and doing things from scratch for

ourselves, we realized how deeply satisfying and fulfilling it can be.So write an article on ‘the joys of simple

living” supporting your views with examples from present day experiences.​

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    Physical distancing helps limit the spread of COVID-19 – this means we keep a distance of at least 1m from each other and avoid spending time in crowded places or in groups.

    Maintain at least a 1-metre distance between yourself and others to reduce your risk of infection when they cough, sneeze or speak. Maintain an even greater distance between yourself and others when indoors. The further away, the better.

    Social and physical distancing measures aim to slow the spread of disease by stopping chains of transmission of COVID-19 and preventing new ones from appearing.

    These measures secure physical distance between people (of at least one metre), and reduce contact with contaminated surfaces, while encouraging and sustaining virtual social connection within families and communities.

    In this difficult period it is best to meet virtually but if you have to meet others, do it carefully and with the right precautions.



    yes it’s true that this pandemic had taught us the value of relationship and time conservation . besides this it has also taught us the need to conserve our nature which is apparently the main task. man became so selfish in the past 10 years that to fulfill its need it has to destroy our lovely nature. so nature decided to self heal itself in the form of survival of the fittest . this rule is now main for surviving in today’s arena. rest is man’s itself wish to completely understand it and beaware if this fact

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