what was the first question the narrator asked? ( the eyes have it )​


what was the first question the narrator asked? ( the eyes have it )​

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    The first question he asked her was to describe the scenery outside the train



    How are blind people different from people with eyesight? Why does the narrator feel that people with good eye sight fail to see what is right in front of them?

    Ans:- The author remarks that While people with eyesight often fail to see the really beautiful and essential things, blind people take in only the essentials, whatever registers tellingly on their remaining senses.

    As the narrator was blind for a good portion of his life, he had learnt wonderful lessons about blindness. He often noticed that people with sight are worse than those without sight. Although they are able to see, sighted people often fail to see things that they should really see. In the modern, fast and furious world, people see only that benefit them materially but fail to see things that give them endless happiness. This speech of the narrator is very ironical and realistic.


    “She had beautiful eyes. But they were of no use to her” – Whose eyes are referred to here? Why were the eyes ‘of no use’ to her? Explain the irony of situation.

    Ans:- In the story The Eyes Have It the eyes of the narrator’s co-passenger is referred to here.

    The eyes were not useful to her because she was completely blind at that time.

    From the start of the journey the narrator pretended to the girl that he was not blind. But when he asked the second co-passenger if the girl had kept her hair short or long, the man replied that that he did not notice the girl’s hair. He only noticed the beautiful eyes of the girl which were of no use to her as she was completely blind. The irony of the situation is that the narrator was trying to hide his blindness from a girl who was also blind. Truly it is too pathetic to think about the two blind persons both of whom tries to hide their blindness from the world.

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