The quality of population is determine on the basis literncy. Explain​


The quality of population is determine on the basis literncy. Explain​

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    The quality of population depends upon the following three factors:

    1. The literacy rate:

    An educated person is considered as an asset to the society while an illiterate person is a liability. Education provides new aspiration and develops values of life. The increase in the literacy rate contributes to the growth of society. Literacy not only increases the standard of living of an individual by providing adequate job opportunities but also enhances the national income, the efficiency of labour and also the cultural richness of a country.

    2. The health of a person:

    Health is wealth. The health of a person is the basis to utilise the full potential and the capacity to fight against illness. An unhealthy person cannot work efficiently thereby becoming a liability to an organization. A healthy person can work effectively and can increase the productivity of an organization.

    3. Skill formation acquired by the people:

    The skills formation acquired by the people of a country determines the quality of the population. Some people who are highly educated are able to fetch white collar jobs and people who are specialised in particular skills like plumbing, painting, wiring etc., can generate self-employment opportunities in their respective areas. Other people in rural areas engage themselves in seasonal employment such as sowing, weeding, harvesting, etc.,

    Thus, the above-mentioned factors not only determine the quality of population of a country but also contributes to its economic development.



    the quality of population his depend upon the literacy rate health of a person i indicated by life expectancy and skill formation occurred by the people of the country


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