A celebrity was invited to be the chief guest at your school. Write a



A celebrity was invited to be the chief guest at your school. Write a composition describing his /her visit.


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    Seems that it’s a ‘Report writing’ question

    Okay !

    Date : 19 March 2021

    On the occasion of annual sports day, a famous celebrity had visited our school as a chief guest. Yes ! it was none other than The Akshay Kumar. Akshay is the superstar of B-town. Not only that but he is one of the fittest actor hence he is also called as ‘Khiladi’ of B-town. His activeness in sports and fitness is responsible for this. Akshay is master in Taekwondo/Karate and has also studied Martial arts.

    The principal welcomed Akshay as a chief guest. The program beginned with a welcome song sung by some students. Then came some students with a amazing performance of Zumba. Then the head boy of the school conducted a sports quiz. After that came the turn of prize distribution. The students who acquired ranks in sports events were given the prizes.

    At the ending of the program, The superstar spoke few words regarding importance of fitness and activities in our life. Also he addressed that we students should be active in everything like sports as well as studies. It makes us expert in every aspects, because it involves participation of both the parts of our Brain.

    After that the principal of our school ended the program with a vote of thanks.

    Hence in this way the annual sports day was celebrated/conducted in our school.


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