{4}^{ \frac{1}{3} }  \times ( {2}^{ \frac{1}{3} }  \times  {3}^{ \frac{1}{2} } ) \div   {9}^{ \frac{1}{4} }


 {4}^{ \frac{1}{3} }  \times ( {2}^{ \frac{1}{3} }  \times  {3}^{ \frac{1}{2} } ) \div   {9}^{ \frac{1}{4} }
Simplify the aabove sum with explanation.

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    Step-by-step explanation:

    Read the passage given below and answer the questions/complete the sentences that follow: (8 marks)

    Sniffer dog Tucker uses his nose to help researchers find out why a killer whale population off the northwest coast of the United States is on tKe decline. He searches for whale faeces floating on the surface of the water, which are then collected for examination. He is one of the elite team of detection dogs used by scientists studying a number of species including right whales and killer whales.

    Conservation canines are fast becoming indispensable tools for biologists according to Aimee Hurt, associate director and co-founder of Working Dogs for Conservation, based in Three Forks, Montana.

    Over the last few years, though, so many new conservation dog projects have sprung up that Hurt can no longer keep track of them all. Her organization’s dogs and their handlers are fully booked to assist field researchers into 2012.

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9:3-3+1x3-4:2 = ? ( )