summary of this chapter 1 in history book class 8 please tell me this answer​


summary of this chapter 1 in history book class 8 please tell me this answer​

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    We can’t fix a particular date because many of the things happen over a stretch of time. We know that Britishers came to India in 1608 and then they started ruling India from 1757, but do we know the exact date of the year 1757 on which they started ruling? Similarly, if we move back to the example of tea, do we know the exact date on which Indians started drinking tea? That is why it is not possible to fix date for each and every event. The British historians began their history with the first governor general of Bengal Warren Hastings and it continues up to the last viceroy of India Lord Mountbatten. Their history mainly focuses on the activities, policies and the lifestyle of these men. It does not talk about anything else. Here what I want to say is that some other events were also happening at that time in India within the society but nothing was put on record for them. In 1817 James Mill a Scottish economist and political philosopher wrote three volumes named ‘A history of British India’ . Moving away from the British classification, the historians have divided Indian history into ancient, medieval and modern but this categorization also has some problems. Generally, when we talk about modern period, it denotes the growth of science and technology and also the freedom, liberty and equality .The Britishers also brought change in our culture, customs, economy and tastes. All these things refer to colonization of India. Surveys become important  The practice of survey became very important during the time of Britishers. They wanted to know India in order to administer it properly. So, they conducted detailed survey for following reasons:

    • To map out India
    • To know the soil quality to check the suitability for different crops
    • To know the flora and fauna
    • To know the local histories

    Some of the surveys conducted were as follows:

    • Botanical Survey
    • Archaeological Survey
    • Forest Survey
    • Zoological Survey

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