paragraph The person you like the most in your family ​my small brother


paragraph The person you like the most in your family ​my small brother

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    Topic : My Favourite family member


    My favourite family member is my younger brother. His name is (John) fill any

    He is fifteen years old , he is a student currently and studies in 9th standard.

    He is the bravest and smartest person of the family, he regular exercises to keep himself fit and in shape and always excels in studies , his aim is to become a policeman in future so he is always alert of his surroundings and know how to get things done. He is also a very patient person and follows a healthy routine. Nowadays due to lockdown and pandemic situation he cannot go out and has to attend classes online so he is more cautious about his health and especially eyes.

    He respect elders and he never fights with me share his ups and downs in life with me and respects me too. I think he is the best younger brother in the world.



    My brother is very polite by nature and is loved by one and all. He often shares his chocolates, sweets and candies with me. He loves playing snakes and ladders and ludo with me during weekends. He shares everything with me and is very comfortable discussing his classes, school friends and homework with me

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