How do you deal with stress and fear, if any?write it in a few sentence.


How do you deal with stress and fear, if any?write it in a few sentence.

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    Whenever I feel stressd I mostly listen to songs or

    watch some funny vedios .I like to read books , when I read books I feel like I am in another world so it is also an effective way.



    • The best way is to speak with someone about your problems. Maybe your parents or a trustworthy friend. They’ll do whatever possible to help.
    • The ability to concentrate on one thing at a time is also important. Stress is a result of worrying about multiple problems at the same time. So if you can concentrate on one problem, solve it and then think about the next problem, automatically all your problems will be settled one by one.
    • The negative attitudes built when you keep worrying over problems limit your ability to think. So if you forget them for a while, engage in a hobby for a few minutes, even a nap would do; and then consider your problems, better solutions might come to your mind.
    • As for fear, there are different types. ¬†One thing you can do is, keep thinking about your strong sides, about what you have and what you can do. Remember an ocation you dealt successfully with fear. That will make you stronger and you won’t be afraid any more.


    Above points are just some stuff I have heard and read. However I hope it helps.

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