Express your views creatively on given topic – My dream came true and I was

finally go


Express your views creatively on given topic – My dream came true and I was

finally going to Switzerland.​

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    Traveling to Switzerland has been a dream since ages. As a kid I grew up dreaming about a house up in the Alps and watching the moon and clear skies through the small window like Heidi by author Johanna Spyri. Then as a teenager my first glimpse of the Swiss Alps and the green meadows was through the cinematic lens of Yash Chopra’s movies especially with Chandni and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. And finally as an adult I met numerous fellow travelers, colleagues, friends, cousins, relatives – who all spoke about the beauty and magic of this country. In fact it seemed that everyone but me had been to Switzerland. So obviously when I was offered this opportunity, I didn’t think twice, requested my boss for leave (which was very difficult by the way ), packed my woolens, and joined 3 other fellow travelers to Get Set and Go in Switzerland

    This trip was unlike every other trip of mine. Everything happened in a whirlwind and at short notice, so I didn’t get my customary time to plan, research and fret about the cities that I was visiting, was completely unprepared and didn’t know what to expect. The sequence of events was as follows – decision made to go on Wednesday, visa application on Friday, shopping for winter-wear on Saturday and flight for Zurich on Tuesday. Everything in a span of 1 week, which is the quickest plan that I have ever made for an international trip. At times it really worried the compulsive planner / researcher in me but I ultimately let it go and decided to just sit back and enjoy the trip. This also worked well for me because for the first time I had no expectations from a place, no pre-conceived notions about what I was going to do or see, every sight was somehow fresh and everything I write about will be exactly what I saw and experienced first hand.

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