compare and contrast of jessica and portia in the merchant of venice


compare and contrast of jessica and portia in the merchant of venice

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    There are some traits of Portia’s and Jessica’s personality that are in sharp contrast with each other —

    1) Jessica was not loyal to her father. She was unfaithful to her religion too. She not only eloped with a Christian but also robbed her father of his money, jewels and gold including a diamond costing 2000 ducats and a turquoise which was the memento of her father’s courtship and of her mother.

    On the other hand, Portia remains loyal to her father even after his death. Though she feels that her freedom of choosing a husband is restricted by her father’s will, she still obeys her father’s will.

    2) Jessica is not Afraid or ashamed of breaking her father’s trust on her. But Portia is very hesitant to break her oath to her father by helping Bassanio in choosing the right casket.

    3) Jessica shows her embarrassment on her boy’s disguise while eloping with Lorenzo but Portia talks of her plan to dress like a boy with excitement, i.e., she is not at all shy.

    4) Jessica’s father failed to give her fatherly love and affection and has made his house a hell for her while Portia’s father was much concerned for her future and devised a lottery of caskets to select a life partner who will truly love her.

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