characterstics of Andrea of the story the purple children


characterstics of Andrea of the story the purple children

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    Andrew Manson was a young doctor. He was a dedicated and hard working medical practitioner. He never failed in his calling. He was full of ideas. He judged every case on its merit. He showed quite a mature understanding of his patients. He never faltered or hesitated. When torn between two conflicts, he wasted no time in taking the right and prompt decision.

    We find Joe Morgan waiting for Andrew Manson at midnight. Andrew  Manson was tired and not in a proper frame of mind. Even then he accompanied Joe to his house. He was a good judge of men and matters. When he realized that the old lady feared that the doctor might leave the case, he assured her. He realized that the case demanded his immediate attention. He declared that he would not leave the place till everything was over.


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